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Bitcoin devil - USDT Base Currency || Day trader 


Available on:

- Cryptohopper

- TradingView 


Soon: 3comma's. 


Bitcoin devil - Euro Base Currency || Day trader 


Available on:

- Cryptohopper

- TradingView 



Running on TradingView signals. Our bots are specifically designed to maximize the accumulation of their base currency through trades with Bitcoin and select altcoins, utilizing an extensive range of sophisticated indicators and cross-chart references.

example of indicators that are being used:

- Cross-chart references: Measuring the sentiment and the trend of multiple chart's by using divergences between multiple moving averages. Charts that are looked at are: DXY, SPX500, TOTAL, TOTAL2, TOTAL3, BTC-USD chart.  

- Amplitudes: Measuring the daily, weekly and monthly price movements. This to set targets and triggers for entries. 

-Pivot points: Measuring the average of the intraday high and low, and the closing price from the previous trading day. On the subsequent day, trading above the pivot point is thought to indicate ongoing bullish sentiment, while trading below the pivot point indicates bearish sentiment.

- Relative strength index and money flow index: To get an indication of the current buy & sell pressure.  

Day trader live trades!

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