Performance crash May 2021

In the first image you see the backtest result only from the sell signals from our strategy. Since this is strategy is developed to protect your holdings there we needed to put in a simple buying signal in order to trigger the sell signal.


In the following images you see the complete strategy in which the strategy is giving out buying signals when the market is stable again and it's ready to accumulate the upcoming months. 

Crash accumulator

Bitcoin devil – Crash accumulator is a strategy that is specifically developed for two purposes:


1. Aim to protect your portfolio against major crashes and dumps. By combining multiple indicators on a big and short time frames this strategy detects when the market is overheated and when a big sell-off is on the horizon. 


2. Aim to accumulate more amounts of your favorite hoddle projects by using tactical DCA entries. We developed a template with optimized shorting settings to use with this strategy. See template for Crash accumulator for more information. 
This strategy is giving out very strict sell signals. The price can still go up a few more days but a big dump or retracement is imminent. 

USDT/BTC  //  May // first image sell signal only. Rest of the images buy signals only

Crash accumulator Sell signal BTC may.jpg
Accumulator against BTC may.jpg
Accumulator against BTC June.jpg
Accumalator against BTC July.jpg

USDT/Ethereum  //  May // First image sell signal only. Rest of the images buy signals only

Buy signal ethereum MAY.jpg