SWINGMEISTER is a swing trading strategy that is developed to create big profits over a longer period of time on your favorite projects. By combining multiple indicators this strategy finds sharp entries and exits for your favorite projects on the spot market.  


This strategy is designed to make maximum profits on a trade. The frequency is low and the holding time can take days. However this strategy is just like it's name suggest, a master of accuracy.  

USDT/Ethereum //  September/October // Buy and sell signals only


Swing meister Ethereum .jpg

USDT/XRP  //  October // Buy and sell signals only


Swingmeister against BTC October .jpg

USDT/BTC //  October //  Recommended settings


USDT/ Ethereum //  November //  Buy and sell singals + SL 10%


Swingmeister ETH November.jpg

USDT/ ADA //  November //  Buy and sell singals + SL 10%


SWING MEISTER MANA - November .jpg