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Create your own trading system.

Use automated trading on CryptoHopper.

Day trading | Swing trading | Position trading

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Who are we?

A dedicated team that's selling automated trading strategies, signals & templates on the Cryptohopper market place. We aim to bring value to the cryptohopper community. Take a look at our strategies, templates, signals & documentation. Don't miss out on the deals!

But.. What is a Cryptohopper? 

Combining the skills of a successful day trader and a talented engineer, M.A.G.I.C. - Cryptocurrency magic - was born. With the perfect automated trading bot, Cryptohopper was engineered to be unbeatably fast, reliable, and always trading. The fan base quickly grew from family, friends, and acquaintances to people across the globe. Realizing the potential, Cryptohopper was made available to the public, allowing traders to create their own magic.


Would you like to try it out? Sign up for a free trial, have a look around, learn and most importantly, Have fun! Click here!

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