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About Our Copy Bots

Our Copy Bots are engineered to enhance your base currency holdings by trading against top-performing cryptocurrencies. We integrate advanced A.I. strategies, TradingView indicators, and manual trading at key technical levels derived from our own technical analysis.

Our approach predominantly focuses on swing trades and position trading strategies. We capitalize on bullish trends to hold assets and apply short scalping tactics with our A.I strategies.

We make use of automated template switches and triggers. We utilize panic mode to sell our positions during a switch to bearish trends on the macro timeframe. Deploying bearish strategies for short scalping tactics and building up a new position for position trading strategies.  


For a deeper understanding of our trade logic, explore our Strategy Guide. Stay informed with our latest market analyses by joining us on Discord or follow us on the Cryptohopper social channel.


Risk Levels
We categorize our bots into three distinct risk levels: Low, Medium, and High.

  • Low: Initially utilizes less than 50% of the allocated funds, focusing on a small range of top-performing cryptocurrencies.

  • Medium: Initially uses 50% of the allocated funds, targeting a regular mid-range of top-performing cryptocurrencies.

  • High: Initially employs more than 50% of the allocated funds, encompassing a broad range of top-performing cryptocurrencies.

For all risk levels, the remaining funds are reserved to capitalize on market dips, allowing for potential full allocation up to 100%.


 BTC Base Currency

This bot aims to increase its Bitcoin holdings by strategically trading against altcoins when the Bitcoin dominance is low. 

Only manual trades.

*Risk level: High*

Charts analysis

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