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Welcome to our Strategy Guide! 

The goal of this guide is to provide a comprehensive overview of our marketplace strategies and how to use them with the Bitcoin Devil - Market Segment Indicator - Cryptohopper. Additionally, we will discuss the Artificial Intelligence A.I. feature accessible with a Hero subscription.


About our strategies


We offer a variety of tailored strategies for diverse market conditions to help our customers develop their own automated trading systems based on risk management and fundamental analysis. For a set-and-forget set up, customers can subscribe to our Copy Bot or use our A.I signals!


Four different market segments 

We divide our strategies into four different market segments based on moving averages plotted over a daily and a 4-hour timeframe. Each one of our strategies is developed to work optimally in particular market sentiment.

We distinguished our segments on the following sentiments:


GREEN: Major trend Bullish

RED:  Major trend Bearish  

PURPLE: Secondary trend Bullish

YELLOW: Secondary trend Bearish

Segments Daily  2.png

Swing trader 


Swing trades are made to accumulate more profit over a longer period of a trade. Swing trader is developed for this specific purpose. Trades are only placed when the market is Green and Purple. Sell signals are giving when the market goes sideways to lower the risk of a bearish breakout. 



Volatility Hero 


Volatility Hero is designed to take advantage of a bearish market sentiment by capitalizing on short-term bounces, with a focus on scalping altcoins. As red and yellow indicate a long-term and short-term bearish outlook, conservative strategies are the only options available. 

Bull Rider 


Green and purple indicate a long-term bearish sentiment and short-term bullish outlook. This suggests that the market is bullish and prices may rise rapidly, allowing for a good opportunity to capitalize on profits through aggressive scalping strategies and short trades by deploying Bull Rider.


Altcoin Scraper


Altcoin Scraper can be deployed by the markets displaying either a red and purple sentiment (signifying a long-term bearish but short-term bullish outlook) or a green and yellow sentiment (indicating a long-term bullish but short-term bearish outlook) which suggests the sentiment is going sideways.

Crash Accumulator


Crash accumulator is a strategy that is specifically developed for two purposes:

1. Aim to protect your portfolio by giving out sell signals when the market is overheated. By combining multiple indicators on different time frames this strategy detects when the market is likely to have a sell-off.
2. Aim to accumulate more amounts of your favorite hoddle projects by using tactical DCA entries.



A.I & Trend Strategies


The Cryptohopper A.I feature allows for combining strategies based on 'Trend strategies'. This includes A.I Trend – Bull Market and A.I Trend Bear Market, which are respective to the major trend. Additionally, other Trend Strategies can be used for further confirmation on various time frames and additional adjustments. These strategies range from a 4-hour timeframe to a 30-minute timeframe.


Through A.I backtesting, the A.I can assess the success of past strategies. You can also determine the scores yourself and set a minimum accuracy rate for signals to be accepted, such as 90%. The A.I feature provides an additional level of validation. However, past results do not guarantee future performance.


For more information, see the Cryptohopper documentation.



​To make the most of the A.I. feature, it is best to create a different A.I. for each market sentiment. For a bullish sentiment, set the 'Swing Trades' as the validation time and for a bearish sentiment, set the 'Scalp Trades' as the validation time. By using a template switch trigger, you can automate the switch between the bearish and bullish A.I.s.

To learn more about Triggers, please read our Risk Management & Triggers Guide.

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