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Take control of your financial situation.

Use automated trading on CryptoHopper.

Day trading | Swing trading | Position trading

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Who are we?

A dedicated team that's selling automated day trading strategies, signals & templates on the Cryptohopper market place. We aim to bring value and financial prosperity to everyone. Take a look at our strategies, templates, signals & documentation. Don't miss out on the deals!

But.. What is a Cryptohopper? 

Mix a successful daytrader with a brilliant engineer and you get M.A.G.I.C! Cryptocurrency magic, to be exact. Cryptohopper did what every great engineer would do: automate it. Unconsciously creating the ideal automated trading bot; unbeatable fast, reliable and - most importantly - always trading. The fan base grew from family, friends and friends of friends to people all over the world in no time. And then the realization came; this might be something big. By making Cryptohopper public we were able to help many traders create their own magic.


Would you like to try it out? Sign up for a free trial, have a look around, learn and most importantly, Have fun! Click here!

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